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If you’re not seeing brand design explorations that give you pause, make you question their boldness or how far they go…then they’re probably not going far enough to cut through the clutter in the category.

Follow Nike. Just do it. Now. Not tomorrow. You need to stand out to your buyers now more than ever. Find a team that can provide you with a brand that delivers enduring appeal that won’t wear out, because it’s built from strong fundamentals about your business strengths.

We are a collaborative team of passionate designers focused on helping your business succeed. Several artists, multiple talents. With our combined experience we are sure to have your needs covered. And if we can’t do it, we know someone who can.

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Orange Pepper Design is an award-winning marketing and design firm with locations in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Eileen and Kelly have been designing together since 1986. They share a passion for beautiful aesthetics, clever typography, amazing design and clear, concise communication.

Their goal is to provide you with juicy creative and spicy strategy to help you grow your business and increase sales.

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Does your brand make a splash or just fall flat? Every brand has its own style, it just may not be showing. We can help you find that perfect mix of unique ingredients that make your brand stand apart. Spice up your image get your clients’ attention. Let us show you how.


Powerful brands don‘t just happen; they are created. It is more than just a logo. Branding is about how the market sees your business, not how you see it. It means deciding how you want to improve that perception and then being committed to it in all facets of your business. It is your company image, the name, logo, colors, overall look. That image needs to be pervasive in every touchpoint, from stationery, forms, literature, packaging, and signage, to advertising, direct mail, website, social media and much more. Even more importantly, it is about the personality of the company. To establish this you need to be able to define why someone should buy from your company rather than company XYZ.


After you have defined your brand, how will you get the message out there? Pulling together a marketing strategy that maximizes your resources can connect you with your future clients and keep you top-of-mind with your current clients. Let us help you reach your goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.


When your clients come looking will they find you? You can't afford not to have a strong presence on the web today. We can help with your website, email news and social media.


Packaging design is your weapon in the battle for hearts and minds of your clients. It isn't enough to create packaging that simply stands out. It needs to communicate in a way that resonates with the consumer.


Trade shows, corporate displays, outdoor events, conferences, business meetings, showrooms and signage. We’ve designed them all.

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Creating an unstoppable brand starts with relationships.
Let’s build one.